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Ruby Reef Rally Medication
Ruby Reef Rally Medication

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For use in salt water fish quarantine tanks and other aquaria which may harbor oodinia (cause of marine velvet), flukes and gram negative bacteria responsible for tail and fin rot. REEF SAFE.

RUBY REEF from scientific and empirical observations made in the commercial aquaculture industry in South East Asia and among tropical fish farmers and shippers in Singapore. The commercial practitioners in Singapore found that the component ingredients, when applied as water treatments in highly concentrated formulations to typically large volumes, were effective in controlling a range of maladies common to high volume/high turnover operations. These formulations were especially useful when signs of oodinia, flukes and pathogenic bacteria were seen, as well as in prosthetic applications.

RUBY REEF RALLY represents a formulation that is a practical one-time water treatment which is safe for the salt water fish, corals and invertebrates in all freshwater and marine aquaria. It uses highly purified water as the sole solvent and carrier for the active ingredients (the chemical names are on the label), while also providing the attributes of long shelf life and manageable dosage regimens (facilitated by self-dosing bottles).

RUBY REEF RALLY was developed primarily for use as a one-time water treatment for hobby, display and salt water fish quarantine aquariums. Because RUBY REEF RALLY is effective in controlling the spread of oodinia, gill flukes and pathogenic bacteria (e.g., those associated with the fin and tail rot which often develops after shipping related abrasions or injuries) through the water. It's utility in quarantine aquariums is obvious: freshly or recently transshipped fish, corals, etc., are frequently infected with parasites such as oodinia and gill flukes which are transmitted through the water, as well as a range of destructive bacteria waiting to infect transfer related abrasions, fin damage and other injuries to skin and gill tissues. Similarly, application of RUBY REEF RALLY is indicated in any hobby or display aquarium containing fish showing one or more signs of these diseases, or when one of these pathogens is suspected subsequent to examination of carcasses.


· Remove all absorbent filtration materials (e.g., activated carbon).

· FRESHWATER. Add 1 ounce per 5 gallons of aquarium water (actual volume); if the pH of the aquarium water is above 8.0, use dosage prescribed for marine aquaria (see below)

· MARINE. Add 1 ounce per 10 gallons of aquarium water (actual volume).

· RUBY REEF RALLY will degrade within 3 - 5 days. A routine partial water change, followed by use of an absorbent filter material, is recommended five days after treating with RALLY.

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