Samsons Surprise Box
Samson's Surprise Box
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Introducing Samson's Surprise Box. A box full of just what it says - surprises!

What could be in the box?
  • Dog treats - could be some of our new ostrich or maybe some that we haven't even brought in yet!
  • Toys - maybe a new prototype
  • Shampoos or grooming products
  • Assorted pet supply products

    We guarantee 1 thing: The box is worth more than the $19.99 that you're paying!
Wheatgerm Pond Food
Wheat Germ Koi Food for cooler weather feeding.

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When pond temperatures begin to get cold in the fall, you will want to switch the pond fish to a wheat germ based diet high in carbohydrates and lower in protein. Wheat germ pellet foods are more easily digested than regular foods at lower temperatures. Begin feeding wheat germ foods when the temperature of the pond water is below 70 degrees. Stop feeding the fish when the pond water drops below 45 degrees.

Crystal Clear Wheatgerm pond food is designed for koi and all pond goldfish during the cooler months of spring and fall and for transitioning fish out of the cooler months.

Contains a minimum 28% protein

Crude Protein (min).............28%
Crude Fat (min).....................4%
Crude Fiber (min)..................5%
Moisture (max).....................11%
Ash (max)..............................7%
Phosphorus (min)..................1%

Shelf life: Over 5 years in proper conditions

Storage: Keep in a dry place below 100 degrees F

Feeding: Feed fish what they will eat in 5 minutes up to 5 times per day

1lb Bag
Polybrite lighted dog leash
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Flexible, light-up polymer core surrounded by strong nylon webbing

Leash is 40" long total - glowing polymer extends approx 18 inches down from switch

Strong rotating spring clip

Weather resistant - enclosed switch

Visible up to 1000 feet in the dark

Runs on AAA batteries (not included)

100,000 hour L.E.D. life

Patented optical illumination technology disperses intense light through a nearly indestructible, flexible lens which is illuminated by a red LED light.

The LED light can be set to burn continuously or to flash, providing maximum protection in low light situations.

  • 3 function switch - off, steady on and flashing
  • Visible up to 1 mile
  • Search & rescue approved
  • Water and weather resistant

USES AAA BATTERIES (not included)