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Cool Pup Cooling Harness Kumfy Klimate Harness for dogs
Cool Pup Harness
Our Price: $19.99


The innovative design of our Cool Pup Harness exchanges the dog’s body heat with the coolness of cold water stored in the harness to keep pets comfortable. Made of a lightweight and heat-releasing SPF fabric, this practical harness stays cool for up to 6 hours!

Simply soak the harness in cool water and place it into the freezer. Harnesses are fully adjustable for an easy fit. With quick-release plastic buckles, and nickel-plated D-rings for leash attachment.
  • Perfect for dogs that may overheat in hot weather
  • Harness can be soaked in cool water to lock in a cool temperature
  • Includes cooling packs
  • Fabric is designed to exchange body heat from dog with coolness in coat
  • Each comes with removable, reusable ice packs (amount of packs depends on size)


Kumfy Klimate harnesses utilize patented gel-pack technology to improve the comfort and health of your loved one in extreme weather conditions.

Kumfy Klimate helps regulate the body temperature of your dog more effectively than traditional coats, sweaters, or cooling devices. Unlike other pet apparel products which were adapted from human-inspired designs, Kumfy Klimate puts powerful heat and/or cooling on the chest and belly, where (unlike humans) dogs exchange the most heat.

By using Kumfy Klimate harnesses, you and your dog can enjoy the outdoors longer without worrying about the extreme summer or winter weather.

Utilizing an elongated back strap with lowered D-ring it virtually eliminates choking and tracheal stress by distributing your dog's pull to the chest and shoulders, not the neck. Finally, the double buckle design of the belly strap makes this harness exceptionally easy to put on or take off, particularly with older dogs or those with hip or joint problems. This high quality mesh harness can be used year-round either with or without the gel pack.

The Kumfy Pouch is made of special plasticized material designed to prevent condensation from reaching your dog.

Kumfy Tailz now includes a high-tech thermal lining which significantly increases the outdoor warming/cooling time for your dog.

Replacement Kumfy Pax gel packs available