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The Cat Grooming Guide The Mutt Styling Guide The Business Guide To Pet Grooming
The Cat Grooming Guide
Our Price: $35.99
The Mutt Styling Guide
Our Price: $35.99
By Sam Kohl

This illustrated grooming book will increase your knowledge of the behavior of cats and will give you useful tips and tricks of grooming cats and their coats. Author Sam Kohl has been active in all phases of the grooming industry since 1949 and has been a member of the American Dog Groomers Guild, International Dog Education Association in Japan among other renowned associations. 2nd Edition. Contains 201 illustrations and drawings.

152 Pages
By Sam Kohl

The first and only book of its kind, The Mutt Styling Guide, by Chrissy Thompson, gives groomers the opportunity to see 64 magnificent mutt makovers, plus instructions on how to design creative solutions to unique mutt styling challenges. This book helps the groomer to see the possibilities in each mutt, and to think "outside the box" when planning a look for a mixed breed dog.

The Mutt Styling Guide shows the groomer how to correct a dog's physical imperfections and how to make them look as good as possible. All in styles that convey the special personality that each individual mutt possesses.

Containing 251 pages, and 293 illustrations by artist Denise Benko, The Mutt Styling Guide is as beautifully unique as each mutt it will help you make look its best. It's a must for every groomer's library.

251 Pages


3rd Edition by Sam Kohl

The Business Guide to Grooming is a concise, informative book by Sam Kohl that offers tips on creating and operating a successful pet grooming business. The book covers everything from home-based shops to multi-employee salons. A one-stop resource for every groomer-entrepreneur.

  • Topics include: naming a shop, picking a location, financing, insurance, pre-construction design, lighting and electrical needs, flooring, plumbing, sanitation, signage, equipment, finding and managing employees, business forms and records, advertising and marketing, appointment management, pricing, handling and control for customers and pets, retailing, mobile grooming, dog day care, self-service pet washing, and upscale services.

The Business Guide to Pet Grooming contains 221 color photographs and illustrations. Softcover, 168 pages.