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Lister Animal Clippers

North Coast is proud to be a Wahl/Lister dealer. Lister is the clipper of choice for large animal shearing and trimming. Made in the U.K., now available from North Coast Pets.

Lister’s broad choice of award winning products suits all users’ needs. They are used to remove hair or wool from all areas of the body of a wide variety of animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, camelids and pigs. The clippers are designed to accept the wide selection of blades from Lister’s
‘A’ Series, including their world renowned Self-Clearing blades which make clipping surprisingly effortless, and the versatile Wizard blades which enable shearing with a clipper.

With a choice of corded, 12V vehicle battery or portable Powerpack operated clippers; your animal can be clipped anywhere, regardless of your facilities. The clippers are available in different sizes
and weights to suit all grooms, with smaller trimmers available to complete the perfect finish.

Why Choose Lister?

Lister Shearing is the longest established manufacturer of shearing and clipping equipment in the world. Their vast experience is second to none and over the years they have created a range of clippers with patented features that ensure a wide user loyalty and professional, quality results.

Lister clippers have a range of special features that put them ahead of the rest:
  • Lightweight and easy to hold with high efficiency motors
  • Quiet to use with the blades located in reinforced plastic components that assists in the reduction of noise and vibration
  • Patented ventilated head keeps the blades cool and hair away from the operators face
  • Easy and accurate blade tensioning
  • Patented self-clearing blades interchangeable with all Lister clippers
  • 1 year warranty is on all clippers (serviced in IL)
  • Packaged in an attractive and durable carry case, complete with accessories and 1 set of blades
  • Designed and made in the UK
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