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Have you ever seen a grooming system that will let you do this?
Stop the spinning?
Stop the backing away?
Reduce the risk of bites?


How strong is the LIPSYSTEM?

It will easily hold any dog you are working on.

Fits all 36" and 42" grooming tables

The Lipsystem is the only Cosmetic Quality, High Grade 304, 3 Piece Stainless Steel Table Post and Based Dog Suspension System In the World!

This means no more rusting chrome plated steel to mar the cosmetic appearance of your shop. And Stainless Steel lasts forever!

You never have to raise and lower a LIPSYSTEM! NEVER adjust the Height of an Arm Again!

Just put the noose on the dog, then attach the noose to the link that is right for that dog's height! The Links Do All The Work!

Have you ever dropped a grooming arm on top of a dog and felt sooo bad about it? NEVER AGAIN!

A Lipsystem is a safety improvement your clients will appreciate. For taller dogs you hook the noose to a higher Quick Link. For shorter dogs, hook your noose to a lower Quick Link.

It's Fast and Simple.
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Lipsytem Quicksafe Noose Set Lipsytem Belly Support Lipsytem Wide Strap Hip Support


3 Piece Set

QuickSafe Nooses are the only grooming control loops in the world with a Snap Open Noose Loop and a Loop Ring on the noose loop. The color coded QuickSafe 3 Piece Noose Set has a large (blue), medium (red) and small (black) noose.

  • The large noose is normally used as the second safety noose on the rear of the dog or on overweight, over sized dogs where a typical noose is too small.
  • The medium noose is a typical sized noose for general use.
  • The short noose is used for tall dogs.

Combine these 3 sizes with the Quicklink sets and you can control just about any size and shape of dog.

The Snap Buckle on the loop means you no longer have to slip the loop over the dog. Just open the loop and wrap it around the dog, snap it closed and adjust the size. This also greatly improves the safety of the dog on the table. You can use one hand to hold the dog and the other hand can unsnap the loop buckle. In the event of an emergency, the dog can quickly be removed from the noose to prevent injury. You no longer have to figure out how to loosen the loop to slip it over the dog's head.

The Loop Ring allows you to attach the noose loop to the front grooming post so the dog can not spin or back away while on the table. This simple feature saves an enormous amount of time and puts an end to many frustrating, repeat problems.

Want to stop the sitting and the sore shoulders that come with keeping them standing?

Do you have any idea how much time and energy you waste trying to keep a dog from sitting? A lot more than you think. That unwanted sitting could be eliminated? Forever! How?

Here is how the eliminates this problem....

Put a Large "QuickSafe Noose" on the rear of the dog with enough slack so you can pull the loop ring out from between the rear legs. Attach the ring to the back post and the dog can't sit!

This works great for those dogs that require that regular nudge to keep them standing for you. That problem is now eliminated in a very comfortable manner for you and the dog.


3 Piece Set

For the dog that is more determined to sit use the 'Wide Strap Belly / Chest Support" on the rear as shown.

Support sizes: Small, Medium & Large


For the larger, heavier dogs, use the "Wide Strap Hip Support" which is a "T" strap that has one strap that is placed between the hind legs and attached to the side post.
Kennel Gear Professional Groomer's Caddy Lipsystem Starter Kit
Professional Groom Caddy
Our Price: $87.99
Lipsystem Starter Kit
Our Price: $254.99


by Kennel Gear

Making your pet look its best is easy with the Kennel-Gear Professional Grooming Caddy. It attaches directly to your grooming table and keeps all your supplies and tools right at your fingertips. Organize your combs, electric clippers, scissors, spray bottles, and other tools, so you never have to interrupt your grooming to track down a tool you need. Just attach the included mounting accessory to almost any table or counter top. Insert the Grooming Caddy into the latch, and fill it with all your supplies. To unlatch the Caddy, just flip the paw-proof lever and lift the Caddy out. You’ll notice a rapid increase in productivity, once everything you need for hassle-free grooming is organized in one convenient caddy.

The Professional Grooming Caddy is the perfect storage solution for your grooming tools. With the table mount you can attach the grooming caddy directly to your grooming table keeping all of your tools, supplies within arms reach and safe from being knocked off of the grooming table. Two large inner bays hold spray bottles or the Wahl Clipper Comb trays, outer bays for combs, clippers, files and a specially designed graduated scissor slot.


Easily stay organized and increase productivity.


Time is money and this product saves time!

Starter Lipsystem includes:
  • Frame
  • 3 pc noose set
  • 2- #7 quicklinks
  • Flange mounting kit

LIPSystem is a two point safety control that is the safest way to control a tabled dog.

Reasons to use a Lipsystem:

  • Reduced labor costs working with big dogs. Now a single groomer can handle the large, difficult, or aged dogs.
  • Strip down matted dogs in less the time.
  • Clip toe nails in a fraction of the time.
  • Brush the legs, tail, head, and ears on a suspended dog more quickly.
  • Let the system keep the dog in place so you don't have to stop and reposition the dog.
  • Don't waste time adjusting the height of a grooming post arm.

This product comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.