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Daily Best Pet Supplement Azmira Mega Pet Daily
Daily Best Pet Supplement
Our Price: $25.99
Azmira Mega Pet Daily
Our Price: $28.99


Liquid Vitamins


Available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz bottles with dropper caps as well as 16oz and gallon refills

Our New and Improved DAILY BEST PET SUPPLEMENT is a Water Soluble Liquid Concentrate that is a healthy
solution for your pet's health issues in helping with the following:


Appetite Issues

Arthritis & Joint Issues


Black Skin Disease



Birds: Plumage & Color

Coats, Skin & Dander

Cats: Fur Balls

General Health
Heart Murmur

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Lawn Burning

Leaky Eyes and Stains

Playfulness & Stamina


Skin Problems


Upper Respiratory Infections

Urinary Odor

Urinary Tract Infections

VITAMIN A Essential to proper functioning of taste, smell, hearing and sight. Promotes normal bone growth and tooth formation.
VITAMIN B-1 Aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates and the release of energy from food; promotes normal appetite. Helps maintain a healthy nervous system.
VITAMIN B-2 Helps animal's body cells use oxygen to produce energy; promotes tissue repair, healthy skin and the formation of red blood cells.
VITAMIN B-3 Helps release energy from foods; helps maintain healthy skin, digestion and the nervous system.
VITAMIN B-5 Helps convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy needed for the proper function of the adrenal glands, blood formation and stimulation of the antibody response.
VITAMIN B-6 Needed for healthy skin, teeth, gums and blood vessels; helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats. Helps animals body use protein to build tissue.
VITAMIN B-12 Helps animal's body to form red blood cells; necessary for the normal function of the nervous system.
VITAMIN C Essential for strong bones and teeth; promotes wound healing; necessary for the formation of collagen. Acts as an antioxidant to help prevent destruction of cells by oxidation.
CHOLINE Needed for proper transmission of nerve impulses from the brain through the central nervous system as well as for gall bladder regulations, liver function and lecithin formation. Without choline brain function and memory are impaired.
VITAMIN D-3 Promotes the normal growth of bones and teeth; aids animal's body in absorbing calcium.
VITAMIN E An antioxidant that protects cells and prevents destruction of vitamins A and C; helps in the formation of red blood cells. May help in the prevention of free radicals.
VITAMIN K Helps maintain normal blood clotting functions.
ZINC Aids in healing skin disorders and assists protein digestion. Promotes normal growth and sexual maturity.
Other Ingredients De-ionized Water, Sodium Benzoate (a freshness source) 0.1%

May be applied to food, in PURIFIED water (dechlorinated) or given orally.

For acute cases use twice daily.

Kittens/Cats 5-6 drops
Small Dogs/Puppies 5-6 drops
Medium Size Dogs 7-10 drops
Large Dogs 15-20 drops
Equine/Livestock 1oz/20gals of water or in grain 2-3 cc's
Birds 4-5 drops in water
Small Animals 4-5 drops in water



This is our most outstanding multiple nutritional supplement, suitable for cats, dogs, birds, horses, ferrets. Higher potency in a small dose. Provides important daily vitamins and minerals, including the A's, B's, E, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc, and Choline, with a base rich in Chlorophyll and EPA's (essential fatty acids). All these vital nutrients for optimum immunity and health provide outstanding results.

Contains a better ratio of calcium, phosphorus and potassium to magnesium, important in reducing bladder and kidney stones. Excellent multiple supplement for chronic cases, rehabilitative periods or for preventative support. For any stressed or compromised pet where a nutritional edge may be beneficial.

Easy to feed dry capsule can also be opened, for mixing into food.

AVAILABLE in 90 or 180 Capsule Jars