Salmon & Chicken Sushi - 4oz Rinse Ace Universal Sprayer
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Salmon & Chicken Sushi For Dogs Rinse Ace Universal Sprayer


4oz Pack

We love sushi! So will your dog!

Wild caught salmon and free range chicken wrapped with nutrient rich kelp seaweed.

Sliced into 1/4" sushi rolls

Your dog will LOVE the salmon smell


Just squeeze the trigger and the water is on! Release and the water is off!
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer connects to your faucet, spigot, or garden hose.
  • Eight-foot detachable hose with sprayer.
  • Use the quick-connect adapter to attach hose to faucets, or just twist the hose onto the spigot or garden hose
  • Complete water shutoff to faucet when hose is attached.
  • Water flows only when sprayer lever is pressed to save water.
  • High quality design and construction GUARANTEES no "blow offs."

I (Heart) My Doberman Sticker Highwave Auto Dog Mug
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Our Price: $22.99
I Love My Doberman Vinyl Window Sticker Highwave Auto Dog Mug


5" x 5" Vinyl Window Sticker

Show your love for this magnificent breed. A burglar will think twice before breaking in.

Auto Dog Mug

by Highwave

Right now it's hot as hell in most of the country. You don't dare going anywhere with your dog without water but it's hard carrying around a bowl to drink from. You could cup your hand for him to drink from most of the water ends up on the ground. You could let him drink from your water bottle but then you have to deal with doggie backwash!

Now there's the Auto Dog Mug from Highwave. It's a 20 oz. water bottle with a special bowl right on the top. Simply squeeze the bottle and the bowl fills. After Fido drinks, the water drains back into the bottle. Best of all it won't leak, even if turned upside down!

Fits right into your car's cup holder.

Velcro strap is included to attach on to your backpack or purse.

Available in Pink and Blue.

Stressless Venison Jerky
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Stressless Venison Jerky For Dogs


Why Do I Want Stressless Venison? Stressless deer are happier deer. Happier deer are healthier deer. HEALTHIER DEER ARE TASTIER!

Stressless™ is both a way of life for Axis deer living in Hawaii and the way the Hawaiian officials manage the deer population.

On the islands of Lanai, Molokai and Maui Axis deer live in paradise. Tropical climate and fertile soil provide abundant food. Isolated by the ocean, Hawaiian Axis deer live without predators, disease or competition. Naturally nourished and free to run unrestricted, the Hawaiian Axis deer meat is lean (they do not need to store nourishment as fat), high in energy (high glucose/lactic acid content) and naturally antibiotic. This creates a superior flavor that can be tasted.

Hawaiian Axis deer venison is a delicacy enjoyed by humans and pets alike. Each harvest is harvested by the restaurant industry and GoGo Pet Products. In our recipe we use pure, high quality ingredients to build a more complete treat. Blueberries to provide antioxidants for pets' long term health. Non-GMO Chia and Flax seeds and whole, fresh sweet potatoes provide fiber, healthy fatty acids and micronutrients. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate promote joint health. A tough of rosemary and vitamin E keeps the treats fresh and ready for pets to enjoy.

Without predators and disease the Hawaiian Axis deer population increases 20% - 30% annually. If left unmanaged this growth would lead to ecological disaster, affecting not only the grazing lands but the surrounding ocean environment also. Human intervention is required. Hawaiian officials use a Sweet Dreams harvesting method (conforms to USDA standards) to control the deer population and ensure that the deer's entire life is stressless. Ecological damage is prevented. A sustainable habitat Is created so that future deer generations will enjoy the same Stressless life.

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