The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide

Considered the bible of the pet grooming world, The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide continues the tradition set by Sam Kohl to make available the latest in user-friendly content, accurate to the breed drawings, clearly written, step-by-step instructions, and general grooming information in order to advance the education and income of groomers.

With 416 full pages, 320 illustrations, 41 photos and 161 breeds, this book is a complete resource and an essential reference for every groomer.

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The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide has undergone a total transformation in this 4th Edition, making it the grooming profession's leading text and essential resource for both novices and experienced groomers alike.

4th Edition (2012)
Author: Sam Kohl

AARONCO Publishing® announces the release of the 4th Edition of its classic title, The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide, by Sam Kohl. The 4th edition is a complete transformation of the textbook that countless groomers have used to learn their craft.

All color pages with new color breed illustrations, completely rewritten instruction sets for 193 AKC breeds. Included, for the first time, popular alternative styles and pet trims.

Readers will learn the grooming process from start to finish including the latest styling techniques and be able to explore, in-depth, the specialized equipment needed to create masterful grooming results.

No other textbook teaches in a way that emphasizes the health, safety and well-being of both the dog and the groomer while maximizing time-saving techniques and presenting new income opportunities for groomers. 

648 Pages

ALL BREED 4th Edition
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Mobile Pet Grooming Guide



The Mobile Pet Grooming Guide is the ultimate reference guide for entering, upscaling, or growing a mobile grooming business.

Containing 160 pages, and 89 photos, the book covers topics such as: Starting with a Business Plan, Financing, Which Conversion is Right for You, Parking Issues, Build It or Buy It, New or Used, Power Sources, Water

Issues, Equipment and Products, Vehicle Maintenance, Insurance, Advertising, Company Policies, Pricing, Routing and Work Zones, Appointment Management, Retailing, Hiring Other Groomers, Growing the Business,

Managing a Fleet, Selling the Business, Tips and Tricks, and Sample Forms.

NOW ONLY $35.99

The Business Guide to Pet Grooming

The most concise, to-the-point guide to creating and operating a pet grooming business. Whether it be home-based or a multi-employee shop, The Business Guide to Pet Grooming, by industry leader Sam Kohl, is your one-stop reference to planning, building, and managing an extremely successful grooming operation.

With 336 full-color pages in a hard cover binding, 177 photographs, and 71 illustrations, The Business Guide to Pet Grooming is an absolute essential read for every budding groomer-entrepreneur.

Topics covered include: naming a shop, locating a shop, financing, preconstruction design, insurance, lighting and electrical needs, flooring, plumbing, sanitation, signage, grooming equipment, employee management, business forms and records, advertising and marketing, appointement management, pricing, handling and control of pets and their owners, retailing, mobile grooming, dog day care, self-service pet washes and providing upscale services. Experienced shop owners will also find this book extremely useful as it includes strategies for growing and expanding an existing grooming operation.


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Client's Guide to Dog Grooming Book 2nd Edition

2nd Edition - JUST RELEASED!

The first and only book of its kind, The Client’s Guide to Dog Grooming Styles by Sam Kohl, helps the groomer end client confusion on how the dog will look after it is professionally groomed.

The Client’s Guide to Dog Grooming Styles contains the latest popular Poodle Styles and every dog in the seven American Kennel Club (AKC) groups, in chart format.

8.5”x11” with a side spiral binding it’s perfect for use in mobile grooming vans, grooming salons, and for in-home groomers, where Aaronco’s large breed posters cannot be easily displayed. It conveniently stores away when not in use.

Thick coated pages make this dog chart guide extremely durable and perfect for use in any grooming environment.

The full color 2nd Edition with all new illustrations and the latest AKC breeds. A self-explanatory aid to show clients what their fully groomed pet should look like when properly groomed. Should be kept at reception desk. Extremely valuable in mobile units! Pages devoted to each of the seven groups plus pages of poodle styles.

NOW ONLY $24.99


The Mutt Styling Guide

The first and only book of its kind, The Mutt Styling Guide, by Chrissy Thompson, gives groomers the opportunity to see 64 magnificent mutt makovers, plus instructions on how to design creative solutions to unique mutt styling challenges. This book helps the groomer to see the possibilities in each mutt, and to think "outside the box" when planning a look for a mixed breed dog.

The Mutt Styling Guide shows the groomer how to correct a dog's physical imperfections and how to make them look as good as possible. All in styles that convey the special personality that each individual mutt possesses.

Containing 251 pages, and 293 illustrations by artist Denise Benko, The Mutt Styling Guide is as beautifully unique as each mutt it will help you make look its best. It's a must for every groomer's library.

NOW ONLY $35.99

poodle grooming poster sport dog grooming poster toy dog grooming poster

A complete collection of 18" x 36" laminated posters that help groomers communicate with their customers by eliminating the confusion due to various grooming styles.

Each poster represents one of the seven AKC dog groups, showing properly groomed dogs.

The larger, newly updated for 2007 “Poodle Styles” poster features the basic poodle styles helping customers to choose their favorite clip.

The Dog Show poster displays how dogs succeed in dog show competitions.

The posters are printed in black and white and are laminated for attractiveness and durability, which allows them to be hung with or without framing.

Posters included:

Shipped in one cardboard tube.

NOW ONLY $42.99


The Cat Grooming Guide


With over 65 million cats kept as pets in the United States, author Sam Kohl urges groomers to take advantage of this virtually untapped, very lucrative market. By learning the proper cat grooming techniques and marketing tips in this book, groomers can greatly increase their profits. This grooming classic contains 152 pages, 201 illustrations including a full color section of cat breed drawings, and is formatted for ease of use when grooming cats.

NOW ONLY $34.99

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