We searched long and hard to find sweaters and jackets that actually WORKED!   We wanted a jacket that didn't make our dog look like a circus clown, something that actually kept her little Doberman butt warm.  We found it at K9 Top Coat.  Four jackets and three vests are available, each with a different use.  We guarantee you'll love them.


Please note: To cool themselves, dogs do not sweat. Instead they pant and release heat through their ears and feet. In fact, 90% of a dog's heat is lost through these three channels. The K9 TOP COAT does not prohibit your dog from cooling himself. However, it is not intended for use in extreme heat conditions unless directed by your veterinarian.





D-FA Ice Barker- a 100% merino wool jacket with warmth in mind.  great for indoors and outdoors

D-FA Sub-Woofer- A laminated synthetic jacket with performance in mind.  Waterproof as well as warm.

D-FA Arma-Doggo- A hunting/sports jacket for protection and visibility

D-FA Moon Walker- Superior night time visability in a waterproof rain jacket

D-FA Puff Doggie- The ultimate in cold weather gear

PAWZ 1Z- A warm, waterproof rain jacket for the smaller dog.  Built in harness makes it easy to go for a walk.  Slip on the jacket, attach a leash and go.

K9 Top Coat Lightweight Lycra Body Suit- a one-of-a-kind lightweight, breathable full coverage suit ideal for controlling shedding, dander, dirt, stickers, coat damage, ticks and biting insects. Great for use after surgery.

K9 Top Coat Arctic Fleece- a unique close-fit bodysuit for dogs made of micro fleece. The Arctic Fleece keeps dogs warm and comfortable.

K9 Top Coat Sports Vest- made from a durable, waterproof exterior shell that is tough enough to protect your dog from the harshest conditions. Unlike most vests on the market, our garment covers the entire chest and upper legs to prevent wounds or damage to the chest and underarms.

K9 Top Coat Police K9 Vest- like the Sports vest but has "POLICE K-9" silk screened on the sides of the black vest.

K9 Top Coat Safety Vest- the perfect garment for dogs on the go. Whether walking, jogging or running in the park, your dog is sure to be seen while wearing this highly visible Safety Vest.

Hurtta Outdoor Overalls

Hurtta Waterproof Fleece Overalls
D-FA Arma-Doggo Sports Jacket
NEW - D-FA Arma-Doggo Sports Jacket
K9 topcoat safety vest
Sports/Hunting Vests

CE Pioneer Soft Shell Raincoat
K9 Topcoat Safety Vest
Safety Vests
D-Fa Ice Barker coat
D-FA Ice Barker Wool Coats

k9 topcoat Arctic Fleece Coat
Arctic Fleece

D-FA Sub-Woofer
D-FA Sub-Woofer Snow & Water Protection

D-Fa Puff Doggie
D-FA Puff Doggie

K9 Topcoat Lycra Bodysuit
Lycra Bodysuit

D-FA Moonwalker
NEW- D-FA Moonwalker Rain/Safety Jacket
Muttopia Nylon Rainsuit
Muttopia Nylon Rainsuit
Muttopia snow suit
Muttopia Reversible Snowsuit
Muttopia Fleece Jogger
Muttopia Fleece Jogger
Pawz Rain Jacket with Harness
Paws Rain Jacket with Harness
Dog in Pawz
Cool K9 cooling jacket
Cooling Vests and Collars

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