Guide to Anemone Fish (clown fish)  and marine fishMuch of the beauty of the coral reef is associated with the clownfish and their host anemones.  To the novice, coral reef equals clownfish and anemones. 

Discover the underwater world of the clownfish and their anemones. 160 pages covering the identification of anemones and their compatible clownfish. An excellent book covering this unique symbiotic relationship.

If you are at all interested in marine fish, sea anemones and anemone fishes (clown fish) then this book is THE definitive book on anemone and clown fish identification. Dr. Fautin and Dr. Allen make a point in saying that this book is NOT primarily about the captive care marine fish, anemones or anemone fishes (though there is a small section about their basic care needs) but rather, it is about the identification, distribution, biology of the sea anemones, the life history of anemone fishes, and the interactions between clownfish and sea anemones. There is no other book that has as much field research on sea anemones and anemone fishes than this book.

Anemone Fishes and Their Host Sea Anemones
1994, 160 Pages More than 400 Photos, Hardcover
Daphne G. Fautin and Gerald Allen
Tetra Press

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