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Household Pet Bathing Tubs

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Scrub A Dub Dog Tub for easy pet grooming at home
Scrub-A-Dub Dog Tub
Our Price: $204.99



The affordable alternative. NO LIFTING OR RAMPS - Perfect for the dog that isn't so hot about bath time!

Do you and your dog look forward to bath time? If you are like most people, bath time is a real chore. The Scrub-a-dub dog tub was designed to drastically improve the experience for you and your dog.

Why wrestle your dog into the bath when you can bring the bath to your dog? This ergonomically-designed polyethylene tub is easy to step in and out of and keeps your dog secure for hands-free bathing.
Includes a built-in leash holder, and a 25-foot hose and shower head attachment with on/off valve.

Washing the family dog is as easy as 1, 2, 3! First walk him or her into the tub and snap the collar into the tub. Second, turn on warm water and wash. The water can either collect in the basin of the tub or can be diverted to a drain. Once the dog is washed and rinsed, dry her off and go and play

Save time and $30 - $60 instantly. Start saving money by easily washing the dog at home. Take about five to ten minutes to wash your pet. Do you normally take her to the vet? Hmmm. 20 minutes to get the dog into the car and to the vet. 30 minutes at the vet. 20 minutes back home.

Use in any water-accessible area including the basement or driveway. A threaded drain with multiple fittings accepts any standard hose or faucet for filling or emptying. This drain is screen-protected to trap loose hair.

Extra sturdy construction; inside measures 20" W x 32" L x 17" H, outside measurements (includes lip) 24" W x 44" L x 18" H. For dogs up to 130 lbs.